American Platinum Eagle

Getting the perfect coin to add to the many other pieces of history that you have can only be a few short steps always. One of the coins that many people have already picked up on and made a priority to have, is the American Platinum Eagle. If there were ever a coin that you should be inspired to make your own, this one is it. From the nice images that are ingrained on it's surface, to the symbolic meaning and messages that embodied within this coin, there are more than enough reasons for one to make the American Platinum Eagle one of their own. The history of it carries us through the many twists and turns that have brought us to where this coin has come today. This interesting and historic coin was released in the year of 1997 by the prominent and well known United States mint. With it's smooth and intriguing exterior, this piece of work would make for a great coin to add to one's assortment of favorite pieces. Since many have already found the beauty that lies within this coin, there are still many out there that have yet to take advantage of this superb piece of work. The American Platinum Eagle is one of the only platinum bullion coins that is guaranteed to the fullest extent by the U.S. Mint. These coins offer diversity to the many thousands of collectors that are out there and are created in proof and uncirculated versions as well. It comes in four different sizes; one-tenth troy oz. (face value $10), one-fourth troy oz. (face value $25), one-half troy oz. (face value $50), or one full troy oz. (face value $100), respectively. The Platinum Eagle coins are also minted in .9995 platinum that is fine. The common obverse of the current historic coin is an image of the Statute of Liberty an the word "Liberty" near the top. One the reverse side you will see a depiction of "Lady Justice" along with an eagle in the background and the words "United States of America" near the top of it. This coin happens to be one of America's most opted for and honored coins that's available to the masses of collectors that desire to own it these days. The beauty that besets these coins are nothing short of amazing and is enough to make almost anyone consider making this a permanent part of their collection.

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