American Silver Eagle

American Silver Eagle American Silver Eagle
Collecting unique coins and other interesting artifacts can be just the thing that you need to improve and diversify an already growing assortment of currency. There is so much that one can gain from investing in these beautiful and pocket sized commodities. One in particular, the American Silver Eagle is very popular and known by people around the world as a coin that is wanted by many. It was first issued in the year of 1986 by the U.S. Mint and is still minted to this day. It's recognized as the official U.S. silver bullion coin, and for good reason. This coin was made in only one denomination of 1 troy ounce with, 40.60mm in diameter and has a face of $1 (USD). The U.S. Mint also creates proof versions for individuals that collect coins and the like. This coin has been known to be created at three more mints; the Philadelphia mint, the San Francisco mint, and the West Point, NY mint - all of which engrave the first letter of their city on some of the coins. The front of the American Silver Eagle has an image of "Walking Liberty", while the reverse side has a depiction of an eagle on it, along with the words "United States of America". It's definitely not hard to see how the smooth and sleek exterior has won the appeal of many. Exploring from it's rich history, to the modern aspect of where this interesting coin comes from - you will find that there is much to discover about the American Silver Eagle. Due to it's popularity, there are more than a few places here and there that one could check for this coin at. There are shops, coin stores, plenty of auction sites, and online websites that offer almost any coin that you could ever want or think of. You may also be pleased to know that these coins are not too expensive, usually between $22 - $100 or so, which is another reason for you to consider purchasing an American Silver Eagle coin for yourself or for someone else that is an avid coin collector. You will most likely not have too much trouble while you are on your journey to finding this or any other coin that you happen to be looking for, depending on the demand, how many are available, the sellers, the value of a coin, and so many more factors that effect the availability of a coin.

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