Australian Silver Kangaroo

Australian Silver Kangaroo
There are many different reasons why one should invest in a great coin and make it a permanent fixture in their collection of pieces. From breath taking beauty, to potential value, and the ability to own a small piece of history, the Australian Silver Kangaroo would absolutely make for a great choice for you to consider. As one of Australia's most prominent coins, the Australian Silver Kangaroo was minted and produced by the Royal Australian Mint and is thought to be amongst the most popular collectible coins that are out there today, since coming out. Many people the world over have hovered in it's beauty and have invested so that they could own one for themselves. This coin was first released in 1993 and has a face value of one dollar. The size that it bears comes out at about 40.6mm in diameter and thickness of 4mm. On the reverse side of the coin, there is an image of a kangaroo, the words "One Dollar" (the face value) at the top, Southern Cross stars in the background, and the weight of it inscripted at the bottom. Just as other coins do each and every year, the design of the Australian Silver Kangaroo changes every year. These coins are also known to be frosted, which adds even a little more depth to an already great token of history. Darryl Bellotti, who is from Australia, designed this interesting and unique coin, as well as a few others. Aside from other coins that are well known, this specific coin has the attention of many people that are looking to seek out the next best coin. Getting a hold of one of these coins can be as simple as going to the appropriate venue that offers Australian Silver Kangaroo and other coins that are similar to what you are looking for. This can be a shop in your local area or a website that caters to collectors looking to invest in different items. Many individuals, collectors and investors have already taken their share of this wonderful addition to any collection of coins. It would be of no surprise if the value of this treasured coin went up in the future as the older coins become more and more scarce. Whether it would be only one, or many of these coins that you are pondering on getting - making at least one Australian Silver Kangaroo to your assortment would be a good idea. Taking into account everything that you could want in this coin, there should be no second thoughts as to whether you will make the Australian Silver Kangaroo a permanent display in your coin compilation.

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