Austrian Philharmonic

The Austrian Philharmonic is a wildly popular coin that has been in the demand of many thousands of people to date. Yes, this coin is sought after by many, but what do we really know about it and how did it come to be? Since the Austrian Philharmonic has been created, it has made it's way on the market as one of the top coins that are available. This stunning coin is beautifully crafted and is imprinted with an interesting image on each side. Is was first minted and issued out in 1989, and has since then become a huge hit among coin collectors the world over. The coin was also originally produced by Austria's oldest operational mint that has been in business for hundreds of years, which in itself is an amazing fact for one to behold. This coin is literally a piece of history that allows people to take and own a small part of time that has passed and sculpted today's future. One reason that people want this coin, is due to how beautiful that it is in physical appearance. As stated before, the images that are imprinted on it are nothing short of magnificent, as they shadow a piece of history on it's surface that many people both recognize and plan to enjoy for many years to come (if they choose to own one). One the front of the coin, is printed the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra while on the reverse side is the name of the orchestra in German, along with different instruments, such as a harp, string bass, cellos, as well as more. The Austrian Philharmonic is made in approximately 99.99% 24-karat gold (of which no alloy metals were combined with) and is a flawless and pleasing sight to see. This diverse coin comes in 4 different sizes and denominations for people to choose from; The biggest size - which is 1 oz. and 37mm in diameter and is worth 100 Euros in face value. The second largest - this one .50 oz. and around 28mm in diameter and has a worth of 50 Euros in face value. Then there is the next in size, that is .25 oz. with a diameter of 22mm and face value of 25 Euros. Last but not least, the .10 oz size coming in at 16mm. The average market value of the Austrian Philharmonic are about $1,013 - $1,025. This is among the most opted for and wanted coin that are available today.

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