British Britannia

If there was any beautiful coin for one to set their eyes on, the British Britannia is without a doubt one of them. This coin denotes a piece of history that we know to be prevalent in the European region. While some may not be aware of this unique coin, there are thousands that have already taken immediate notice and have made of wise choice of adding the British Britannia to their collection without a second thought. The British Britannia came out to the public and was initially issued in the year of 1987. This coin consists of approximately 1 troy oz. of gold. The face value of is £100, or about $164 in U.S. dollars. You may find there are a few different versions of this coin that they differ slightly from the previous. There are other British Britannia coins of various face values, denominations, and weights as well; there is the half ounce, which has a face value of £50 (nearly $82 USD), the quarter ounce whose face value is £25 (about $41 USD), and last but not least - the tenth of an ounce coin that has a face value of £10 ($16 USD). Each of these coins contain a millesimal fineness that is 917 gold, which is good by nearly most standards. In 1989, the non-gold component of the British Britannia was copper, until later when the component was changed to silver the next year. The sizes of each of these coins differ as well; the one ounce coin has a diameter of 32.69mm, the second largest which is the half ounce - has a diameter of 27.00 mm, the quarter ounce has a diameter of 22.00 which is not too far from the latter, and the smallest of the coins - the tenth of an ounce coin, is 16.50 in diameter. You may have noticed that many people like to collect multiple coin sizes, or just one individual coin size - which will vary based on preference. Echoing the significant history of it's country in a meaningful way, this coin is no question something that you will want to contribute to building your collection up and adding more diverse grace to it. Seeing as there is so much that one can benefit from having this coin, such as an enriched collection that you can steadily grow, increased appeal, and added value to one's portfolio, there is little reason for anyone not to consider having the British Britannia within their reach.

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