British Silver Britannia

Many coins are the subject of much speculation and interest from many people around the world. It's no wonder why so many collectors are intrigued by the mysterious world of coins in which plenty of people have and are currently pursuing so that can build up their ever increasing assortment of coin treasures. One coin that happens to be included within this group, is the British Silver Britannia proof from 1997. This magnificent coin was made from 95.8% silver and to it's honor, is without a doubt - the heaviest weighing silver bullion in the world. This fact alone may be one of the reasons for the huge popularity in this subtly beautiful and graceful coin. The British Silver Britannia has literally been around for centuries, which to some may be hard to believe considering that it is still ever popular and known around world. There are about a tenth of a million of the British Silver Britannia's that are minted and released each year, yet the proofs are of limited quantities when compared. Considering the size and the appeal that the proof coin has to offer, it is a necessity for most anyone that is interested in having a serious assortment of coins to show off. This coin consists of about 1 oz. of silver and has a face value of 2 British pounds. On the front of this historic coin is a depiction of the Queen (done by Raphael Maklouf), and on the reverse side is an image of Britannia riding on a chariot. The majestic images alone are enough to make nearly anyone interested in making one of these coins their own. This coin weighs in at approximately 32.454g and 40mm in diameter and are also legal tender. The price of these British Silver Britannia proofs may range from approximately $150 - $250 or so, but will vary depending on where you go. If you collect a few of these coins, this could prove to be a surefire way to secure a nice investment for the future. From the old to the new and modern, this coin without a doubt exhibits part of the history and background from a culture that we can certainly appreciate. If this coin happens to peek your interest, you may want to consider pursuing it so that you can have a chance of owning it, since some coins can become extremely scare and hard for one to find. Making a British Silver Britannia proof from 1997 would be a good choice and an excellent addition for you to show off to those around you that may have a keen eye for coin collectibles and other wonders as well.

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