Chinese Panda

Coins can be a wonderful addition to anyone's assortment of collectibles, including yours. Of the many that are out there, the Chinese Panda is definitely one that you will want to take notice to if you are looking to grow your collection and enhance it. Imprinted with stunning images that echo symbolic history of a rich and mysterious culture, the Chinese Panda is no doubt a necessity to pretty much any serious coin collector that has a passion for accumulating compelling coin. This gold coin was first issued in the year of 1982 (approximately). The current available sizes of the Chinese Panda are 1 ozt. (troy ounces), .50 ozt., .25 ozt., .10 ozt. and last but not definitely least, the 20 ozt. There were even bigger Panda coins that were released at one point. The denominations of the coins are as follows; the one ounce is 500 yuan, the half ounce carries a denomination of 200 yuan, the fourth of an ounce coin has a face value of 100 yuan, the tenth ounce is 50 yuan,and the smallest coin is 20 yuan. Though these are the current face values of the Chinese Panda coin, they were once of lesser denominations, prior to the year of 2000. It's also made with .999 gold, making it a fabulous sight for one to ponder. Taking the attention of thousands of people is something that this coin is no stranger to, not only due to it's distinct beauty and appeal - but also because of it's investment potential in the future, which is enough to hold the interest of anyone wishing to make the Chinese Panda part of their coin treasure. If you were to see one of these rich coins in person, there is no almost no doubt that you will want to have one for yourself. You may find that many of the one and half-ounce Chinese Panda coins are selling anywhere from in the late hundreds to the low thousands (U.S. dollars). Finding a coin at a nice price should not be too difficult, since there are quite a few selling these coins. You might want to find a seller that is trustworthy, offers nothing but quality, and will give you the very best deal for your money, if you know where to look for them. You can be certain that making the Chinese Panda coin a part of your coin collection would be nothing short of a wise choice on your part.

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