Gold Dinar

Gold Dinar
Part of having a good assortment of coins, is having a variety of stunning and beautiful pieces that are a sight to see and leave little imagination to the eye. The Gold Dinar is a prime example of the type of coin that most people love to add to their collection by the dozens. Though the history of this coin is one of many twists and turns, you can be certain that your collection will be nothing short of amazing once this piece graces your presence. The Gold Dinar dates back many years, from when it was first introduced in 77, AH (of the Islamic calendar) by a man named Caliph Abd al-Malikibn Marwan. These coins were a replacement to test coins that came some years before it. At the time, the gold coins were struck in about four and a half grams. Since then there have been many changes presented to this token. There are three types of Gold Dinar: The Gold Dinar has a purity of approximately 91.7% gold and it's weight in grams is 4.25 (22K gold) with a troy ounce of 0.1367. The diameter of this coin is 23 mm. The 2 Gold Dinar is 8.50 grams in weight (0.2733 in troy ounces) and 26 mm in diameter. The 8 Dinar has a weight of 34 grams (1.0932 troy ounce) and is 32 mm in diameter. From the origin of where it first appeared, to how it increasingly became well known and in demand for people from different backgrounds and walks of life, the Gold Dinar has become a classic "must have" in many cultures alike. As the popularity and want for coins in general get higher with time, you may want to make certain that you stack up on your share of this wonderful addition that nearly anyone would love to have in their sight. If you wanted to further diversify and better your collection, then adding a Gold Dinar or two would not seem to be too much of a bad idea, if you would not mind expanding your currency portfolio. If the coin becomes too scarce, you may miss out on your chance to have one at a good price. Just as with any other coin of this magnitude, you want to make sure to get the highest quality at the best price. Doing so will help to ensure that you get the coin that you are looking for while adding the perfect complement to your collection.

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