Palladium Maple Leaf

Coin popularity has become an increasingly sought after pass time for many people the world over. One coin in particular that collectors have taken a liking to just happens to be the Palladium Maple Leaf. This coin has shown to be one piece of currency art that demands the attention of thousands. The Palladium Maple Leaf coin has come from a rich culture and has made a permanent mark in history for many years to come. This stunning piece of coinage is only 1 oz. in weight, and was introduced as an alternate coin for the Platinum Maple Leaf which had ceased to be produced in 1999. There was a testing period for this coin in which two different lots of coins totaling 290 were struck. The coins were also made with a mint mark to ensure easier authenticity for collectors and buyers alike. Each coin had a face value of $50 and the cost for one was more than $1,299. Each coin was made available to collectors by way of a draw which the Royal Canadian Mint hosted. The purity of these coins are .9995 Palladium and consists of a depiction of Queen Elizabeth at the age of seventy-nine, on the obverse side of the coin. If you were to put this amazing sight within the company of your other collectibles, you can be certain that it was a good choice for you indeed. Not only is this piece of currency beautiful and a lovely sight for an avid collector to study and observe it's immaculate awe - but the images that it holds echo a small piece of the imminent history that means much more than what meets the eye of the interpreter. Taking part of the breath taking experience of owning a Palladium Maple Leaf coin is more the reason for one to pursue and make it part of your coin display. I have found that many of these coins are up there in price, which is one reason why you should consider getting one for yourself before they go up even higher in value. Getting a hold of one can as easy as doing a few simple and short steps, for instance; seeking out a jewelry coin shop that offers coins of many different varieties, checking newspapers and magazines that have classified sections, or most conveniently going onto the internet and searching the coin collector sites for this magnificent coin before they are gone.

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