Swiss Vreneli

The beauty and wonder that can be taken in by enthusiastic observers that have an eye for coin collecting or any other type of collectibles, is more than enough to make you yearn to have one for yourself, particularly a Swiss Vreneli coin. This coin has literally made it's way through the ages and into modern day time. You can bet that the Swiss Vreneli has not gone unnoticed. This coin, like many others of this kind, allows the beholder a small piece of history so that they can take a glimpse into it's mysterious meaning. It's also a legal tender within the country of Switzerland. The formal name of this currency in English is Helvetia Head, even though they are referred to by some as "Swiss Miss". The obverse of it has a depiction of the head of Fran├žoise Engli, and on the reverse side of it, there is a Swiss shield along with the Swiss Cross and a wreath (with the denomination of the coin above). The mint that produced this currency token, was the Swiss Mint at Bern and were issued out within the years of 1897 - 1936, as well as the year 1947 and 1949. This coin offers a variety of different types that a person who is interested in having one can choose from. For instance there are three denominations; 10 Swiss Francs, 20, and the largest one yet, 100 Swiss Francs. Some of these coins have proven to be somewhat more popular than others, yet having a Swiss Vreneli would be great for you to add to your assortment of collectibles. You may even find that the 20 Franc coin will be the most common of the three. On the 1897 through 1949 coins, you may find the name "F. Landry" on the obverse side of the coin - which happens to be the person that designed them. If you are looking to add a splash of stunning mystery and a dash of history through symbolic depictions on a coin, then you can bet that pursuing one of these coins is the way to go. You can start on an interesting journey toward attaining a Swiss Vreneli coin by searching in newspapers, at special shops (jewelry, coins, etc.) or online. Looking on the internet is almost always the fastest and most convenient option that one can make when finding this coin for the absolute best deal and price that you can get it for.

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