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There are so many different forms of investments that you can try that trying to decide the best place to put your money is frustrating to say the least. You can choose from stocks, bonds, mutual funds, money market funds, and savings accounts, among many others. There seems to be advice coming from all sides of the spectrum, but the only thing that seems to be sure at the moment is that the economy is in trouble, inflation is skyrocketing, and jobs are being cut across the board. So where can you put your money if you simply don’t want to lose it and would be happy to see it gradually increase in value over time without too much risk? Well the best answer, in my opinion, is by buying gold and investing in gold coins and bars.

Buying gold is a great option because gold is a valuable and rare precious metal that will only increase in value as less and less becomes available. Money seems to be decreasing in value, but the reason this is happening is because when countries need more, they simply print more, which means that demand is lowered and inflation goes up. Buying gold works the opposite way, meaning that gold is always steadily increasing in value and is worth money as an investment long-term.

So if you want to start buying gold, what do you buy and where do you look? Well the answer is that you look into buying gold bullion coins and gold bars. Depending on how much money you have to invest, you can either start with small values of gold, such as that found in gold bullion coins, or larger values, such as gold bars and bricks. Gold packs a lot of value per square inch, so much so that 10 million dollars in gold could fit in the corner of your bedroom with ease! Just imagine how much greater it would be to store gold, which is an asset that is increasing in value over time, versus money, which is something made of paper that is always worth less every time you spend it.

Buying gold is easiest online because there are so many sources and gold dealers that you can find to purchase from. Most of these are reputable dealers and have a large inventory of gold bullion coins and gold bars for you to choose from. You can buy coins as low as a fraction of an ounce and save them one or two at a time if you want. Gold is currently worth about $880 per troy ounce, which is about $28 per gram.

Although buying gold requires a little bit of time and investigation before investing, the time spent is well worth the gain. You can buy gold by the coin or bar and watch with delight as your wealth goes up in worth while everyone else worries about inflation and poor stock performance. Start researching online today for the best way to buy gold online.

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