Disadvantages of Gold Investment

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Gold investment might be safest than investing in stocks or some sort of investment funds, however, it is very unlikely that you will get rich, at least in a short period. Gold has its certain value which fall and rises according to demand and offer and if any greater crisis occurs you will probably have greater profits if investing in some underestimated sector which has good perspectives becoming successful in the near future.

Gold investment also does not provide dividend revenue, while its physical storage can present additional difficulties and costs. However, there are possibilities for gold investment in a form of a certificate or an account in which the owner does not held the physical gold but later can represent certain second thoughts. Although gold certificates and accounts are well established form of gold investment today some may still wonder whether such form of gold investment will be still equally reliable in case of a system breakdown.

If you do not plan to invest in physical gold and do not have the patience to wait for a longer period hoping that the price of gold will arise to the point it would be worth to sell it, gold investment perhaps is not the real option for you. After all, besides safety from inflation gold investment might not result any greater profit even after a longer period.

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