Disadvantages of Saving in Gold

Disadvantages of saving in gold chart
If it is great advantage of saving in gold the possibility of storing it at home and reaching it at any time, storage of physical gold can represent certain difficulties and additional costs. Because already one ounce has great value having several ounces or even pounds of gold at home requires a good safe which usually is not cheap. Besides that storing physical gold at your homes can even endanger your personal safety or even your life. As soon as wrong person or persons found out that you have or even think that you could have gold in your house you becomes greatly exposed to robbery.

In case you have considered that there is a chance you are putting yourselves and your families at risk by keeping gold in your home and still decided for saving in gold you are probably considering to store your gold in a safe deposit at the bank or for saving in a form of gold certificate or account. However, those options of saving in gold have also their disadvantages. If you are keeping your gold at a safe deposit at the bank you might have serious difficulties to transfer it in eventual hard times, while gold certificates and account can be as unreliable as any other certificates and paper guarantees in case of system collapse although both forms are today well established and completely reliable.

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