Gold Bars

In the days of rising inflation, struggling economies, and stock market trauma, many of the experts are recommending that people start taking a serious look into alternate forms of investments. One of the most recommended forms of investment is back into gold in the form of gold bars. Gold bars allow you to invest your money into something tangible that is not as fragile as the stocks and the papers they are printed on. Buying into gold allows you to physically hold on to your assets and watch them grow in value over time.

Gold is a precious metal and therefore is a limited commodity. The value of gold is driven by both its practical use as well as its value for investment. This is why the original US economy was originally based upon gold investment and was called the “Gold Standard.” Although the US economy is no longer on the gold standard, you can put your personal finances and wealth management on the gold standard by investing in gold bars rather than stocks and bonds. Gold bars are great hedges against a bad economy and rising inflation.

Gold bars are basically gold ingots that are made and purchased in a variety of sizes, shapes, and values. There are basically two main categories of gold bars, which are casts and minted. Gold casts are poured into an ingot and created out of an individual mold. They are usually in the form of bricks or bars and were the most prevalent up until now. Chip casts are a new form of gold bars that are nearly the size of a credit card and are approximately 1-20 grams in weight.

Minted gold is usually created in a “blanket” form and then stamped and cut into individual pieces. They are generally flat and of a standard size. Although the process of making the different types of gold bars is different, they are all worth the same according to their weight.

The value of a gold bar varies by the weight, which is measured in troy ounces. 1 troy ounce, which is different than the traditional ounce (oz.) weights approximately 31.1 grams. Each gram of gold currently is valued at approximately $27, or $850 per troy ounce.

One of the great things about gold is that it packs a lot of value in a very small size. Due to its density, an amount of 10 million dollars of gold takes up a space of less than one cubic foot. Pretty amazing isn’t it? Gold has never dropped in value to the extent that stocks have and in fact has steadily increased in value over time. Since gold is not an unlimited commodity, demand will continue to cause the value to go up over time. This is why buying and investing in gold bars is such a great value. You can store it in small spaces and won’t have to worry about it dropping in value and ruining your chances of retirement. If you are serious about protecting and preserving your wealth, than buying gold bars is definitely the way to go.

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