Gold Investment

Investing in gold
Gold has always been one of the most valuable precious metal with a certain nominal value, while growing demand for gold throughout the world and limited quantities of it make gold also highly attractive investment option.

Gold investment is very good investment option for all who would like to invest their capital but do not know where, how or do not want to risk eventual losses with investments in stocks or some sort of investment fund. Gold offers incomparable greater security than any other investment, while trends of gold prices in the last five years are very favorable. In the last five years (from 2003 to 2008) the price of gold on global market arose for 180%, however, it is important to mention that prices on the global market vary from day to day and that speculations can end badly.

However, in compare with other investments you can be relatively calm and do not have to fear the future development of gold prices on the global market. Gold will be always highly prized metal and if it will not result any greater profit, in the worst case scenario gold investment will save your capital from inflation. Besides that it is always god to have some "gold reserves" which are especially desirable in hard times or in case of a war when certificates and money can become just a worthless paper.

Gold is also good choice for investment because it is not a subject of taxation unlike other precious metals which are being taxed (about 20% of their price varying few percents up and down from country to country).

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