Gold Mines

When you think about gold mines, you probably think about the 1949 gold rush in California (San Francisco 49’ers) that made a lot of people rich while at the same time breaking a lot of people’s hears. Although a lot of people were able to capitalize on this gold rush, many sold everything they had to go to California and when they didn’t find anything they were left poor and penniless. Well did you know that gold mining still exists as a hobby and profession today? Although you don’t hear about it very often, there are still a lot of people using maps of gold mines and gold prospecting areas to not only have a lot of fun and adventure, but to sometimes turn a profit as well.

They say that one gold nugget can bring $2000 to $4000 in the collectors market, but what if you had a few? I know it sounds crazy, but there are a lot of places still left in the United States and the rest of the world where you can go to find gold nuggets. You simply have to prospect for gold, start collecting it, and go sell it! Although it isn’t really that simple (nothing ever is), the process of mining for gold isn’t that difficult if you know what you are doing. A lot of places on the internet sell or give away maps of areas where you are likely to find gold. Although many of these locations are mostly tapped out, it would still be a fun adventure to try.

Once you’ve got your gold map, you can go to the gold mines and start looking for your treasure. You don’t need a permit to prospect for gold either, you simply need a few tools to get started. The simplest way to start finding gold in gold mines is to pan for gold. You can use a sifter type of tool to sort through the rock and try to find a few nuggets. You can also take a metal detector to the gold mines, although this is going to find you all sorts of precious metals, not just gold.

Panning for gold in various gold mines across the country is a great way to relive the past and give yourself a chance to find fortune in the process. Many older gold mines offer panning as a tourist attraction and often rent the equipment needed to try. If nothing else, you can say that you panned for gold in the gold mines and call yourself a gold miner. Although the chances are slim that you’ll find a lot of gold this way, there is always a chance in any of the gold mines that you can find something worth holding on to. If you decide to continue to develop your skills and become serious about gold drilling or gold mining, then you can continue your research here and learn of the variety of ways that gold can be found and mined for profit.

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