Gold Mining

Remember hearing about the California gold rush in the 1940’s and how a lot of people were able to get rich in a hurry by gold mining? Well, the truth is that gold mining still exists as a profitable way to make money and find gold for investment and selling purposes. The trick is to actually learn how to do it properly and reap the most reward. The process of gold mining consists of the methods and techniques used to get it out of the ground. There are several processes involved and we will go over them one by one to help you get familiar with and master the process.

The easiest option to start gold mining is to go panning for gold, which involves using a shallow pan that is filled with sand, and sifting for gold. You can use water to separate the rock from the gold, by testing to see what falls to the bottom. Gold will sink while much of the rest will float or remain near the top of the pan. Typically, gold panning is done near a stream or riverbed on the exterior of a gold mine where there is a lot of sediment. The type of gold that panning gets you is called silt and is very small compared to what is found inside of a gold mine.

Sluicing is a term use to describe the process of channeling gold via a series of channels with riffles that let the gold sink to the bottom and remain while the rest of the water moves by. These are man-made ditches and channels that are used throughout the watery areas and streams within a gold mine. This is an automated process that makes gold mining much easier, albeit less profitable than full-scale mining. Large scale operations still use this method, but first they clear the area of large rocks and debris to make sure that only gold is caught in the riffles.

Hard rock gold mining, which produces most of the world’s gold, is done by removing gold chunks from sediment or lose soil in a gold mines. As you can imagine, this requires banging away at rock walls for hours with picks, hammers, sledges, and drills. These processes if manually labor intensive, but it is by far the most profitable if you have the right equipment. There is also a process called by-product rock gold mining, which is when gold is removed from other metals where gold mining is not the major focus. Most of the time, this happens in copper or silver mines.

Once you have collected the gold from the gold mines, a process called cyanidation is used to separate it from the carbon deposits that it rests with. However first they use a combination of nitric and hydrochloric acid to remove the gold from other minerals, such as zinc. As you can imagine, due to the chemicals involved it is a very sensitive process. Care must be undertaken to avoid damage to the gold and the environment.

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