Gold Refining

The process of turning raw gold into a pure and usable form is called gold refining. During this refining process, impurities and other metals are removed from the gold to give it as much purity as possible. This process is most often used for turning scrap gold and other metals into something that can be sold for profit. However, this process can be both time consuming and expensive for those that are not educated on how to properly do gold refining. There are many companies that can refine scrap gold and other scrap metals for you, but they are usually very expensive.

The method that most people use at home for do it yourself gold refining, are to take the scrap gold items they have, such as gold necklaces, gold rings, and gold earrings, and process them in a chemical bath. The chemical mixture used for this process is called Aqua Regia and is a mix of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. Once you have collected your scrap gold, you drop it in the Aqua Regia bath and leave it to sit for a day.

The next step of the gold refining process is to pour out the Aqua Regia bath and observe what is left over. You should see gold, but you might also see other metals or precious gemstones, as the acid bath will not dissolve precious metals. Once you have disposed of the Aqua Regia, you must neutralize what remains on the gold and metal by a mixture of Uric Acid, which is derived from urine.

Once you have prepared the gold, then you must add Sodium bi Sulfate to draw the gold out of the solution. Once you have the raw gold, then you can go through the process of heating it with a torch to melt it and combine it into a single mold. When you have melted it down you can cool it in water and then you are done. You have done your own gold refining and should have a nice piece of gold bullion.

Once you have the gold bullion you can either sell it or keep it, but I advise that you get it tested should you decide to sell it. If you do your own gold refining then you should have someone you trust to take it to in order to determine its value. If you prefer to save it then keep it in a safe place where no one can take it. Although doing your own gold refining can be a tedious process, there is a certain satisfaction to doing it yourself. Most people that do their own gold refining are in a business where they are constantly in contact with gold scraps and shavings. You can also buy scrap gold from others and refine it on your own. Some people form entire businesses out of buying scrap gold, refining it, and then selling the resulting bullion. If you do it right, it can become quite a lucrative business.

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