Gold Uses

Gold uses
Since the ancient times gold was used for making jewelry and currency coins because of its attractive color, corrosion resistance and for its excellent ductility and malleability. However, because gold was the most valuable precious metals throughout the world already in the ancient times it was also used as a store of value already very early.

However, as well as other precious metals gold also has certain properties which make it very useful for some industry branches. For its conductivity, corrosion resistance and malleability gold is very desired by electronic industry, while for its corrosion resistance and esthetic quality gold is also widely used in dentistry for crowns and permanent bridges.

Some gold salts with anti-flammatory properties are used for treatment of arthritis, while gold nano-particles may be also used for detecting cancer.

Gold's infrared reflectivity properties make it very useful and desired by optical industry as well as by space industry because its reflectivity protects spacecrafts and satellites from solar radiation.

In the 19th century many countries instituted the gold standard, a monetary system in which the standard currency unit was a fixed quantity of gold. However, the United States of America abandoned the gold standard in 1971 what resulted the breakdown of golden system worldwide. However, the majority of states today keep gold reserves as a store of value.

Besides its wide usage in industry gold is also a popular investing and saving option.

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