History of Gold

Gold History
Gold has been known to people already in prehistoric times and has been highly prized metal throughout the world. With is yellow and shiny color gold impressed already the prehistoric people, while its ductility and malleability, and corrosion resistance made it a perfect metal for making jewelry and currency coins. Thus gold became a synonym for wealth, beauty, prestige and power already in the first historical records. Gold is frequently mentioned in the Old Testament starting with Genesis, while golden Fleece plays the central role in the Greek legend about Jason and the Argonauts.

In ancient times gold has been often also associated with gods and rulers what clearly indicate the finds in Egyptian royal tombs most of which have been unfortunately raided, however, the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun discovered by Howard Carter in 1922 contained the largest collection of gold and jewelry ever found. Gold was also a popular metal for making shrines and idols of which is probably best known the Golden Calf.

Gold continued to be the most valued of all precious metal also by Romans as well as by the medieval Christian Europe, Muslim world and Pre-Columbian American cultures. In the Middle Ages alchemists sought to produce gold from other metals. Quest for gold had also big impact on European explorations and conquests throughout the world from 15th century onwards, especially the Americas, while gold rushes occurred wherever gold deposits were found during the 19th century.

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