What is Gold

What is Gold
Gold is a metallic element in the third series of transition elements in the periodic system with symbol "Au" and one of the most desirable precious metals in the world. Its chemical symbol derives from its Latin name - aurum meaning yellow, while its Latin name is often connected with Latin word - aurora, meaning morning glow, dawn and east. Its English and German name which is the same in both languages literally means yellow, shining metal, while the Slavic term for gold - zoloto, zlato is closely connected with Indo-European word - sol, meaning the sun.

Gold has been known and highly prized metal already in the prehistoric times and remained one of most desirable precious metals until today. Gold is still a synonym for wealth and prestige, while every serious state holds gold reserves as a store of value at the central banks.

Gold is the most malleable and ductile of all metals, while its attractive yellow and shiny color made it very popular metal for currency coins, ornaments and jewelry especially because of its resistant against moisture, oxygen and ordinary acids. However, for its properties which besides resistance to corrosion, malleability and ductility include also excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, and infrared reflectivity, gold is also extremely important material for electronic industry, medicine, dentistry and even for space industry.

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