Introduction to Palladium

Palladium (Pd) is a very rare and lustrous silvery white metal and is part of the platinum group of metals. It has widespread use due to its unique properties as many of the goods manufactured these days contain palladium or use it in the manufacturing process. It is mostly used in the catalytic converters and the second biggest application is in electronics for making ceramic capacitors. Palladium is found in computers, mobile phones and so on. Other applications of palladium are dentistry, watch making, jewelry and in the manufacture of surgical instruments. It is also used as a substitute for platinum in jewelry.

Like any other precious metal, palladium is also used for investment purposes. You can invest in it in the form of ETFs which are backed by palladium bullion. Other options of investment include palladium bullion coins and bars. The popular ones include Canadian Maple Leaf and the Chinese Panda. To learn more about the liquidity of investment in palladium, go through our comprehensive guide which provides you with answers for all investment-related queries. You can also learn other detailed information regarding the low circulation of palladium coins and the wide difference between the selling and buying price of palladium, and its effects on liquidity.

For the small investor, one way of investing is to buy small palladium coins which can be purchased at a small price. There are palladium bullion, collectible palladium coins, as also palladium bars and wafers available at a small premium above the value of the metal. However, you need to know more about reputable dealers and counterfeit bars and coins in order to make safe investments. Go through our guide to make calculated, practical and non-risky ventures.

By browsing through this site, you can learn more about investing in palladium by getting shares from mining firms. But this might be a little tricky and you need to have more information regarding this investment approach. Learn all about this and other investment approaches and how they work. Learn more about other investment options, such as mutual funds, palladium ETFs, palladium futures and palladium options. However, these could pose a lot of risky investment features, and one needs to get guidance every step of the way.

A clear estimate of various aspects of palladium investment can be arrived at only if you know more about the demand and supply and consumption features of this precious metal. Our guide deals with each of these aspects in a very systematic manner so that you can have a fairly good estimate about the best and wisest investments possible. You also need to know the various uses of palladium in order to make a decision. Know more about all these aspects and get complete finance lessons right here.

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