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Before you start reading this, I want to warn you that investing in precious metals is addicting. Not only is it a great way to make money with little risk, but it is also an amazing feeling to spend some money and watch a box of bars and coins show up. I mean, who else do you know that has a safe full of gold, silver, and other precious metals? Chances are, you will be the first and that is a very good feeling. Anyway, when people ask me about investing in precious metals or for any secrets, I tell them to try and diversify the metals that they buy. Although many people buy gold and silver, a lot of investors completely overlook the potential of palladium and its sister metal platinum. Not only are both of these metals rare and expensive, but they are also beautiful and have a lot of uses outside of jewelry.

Palladium in particular is a very good investment because you can buy it under the radar, which means that the market is not flooded with investors. Buying palladium isn’t a very difficult process either, as long as you understand how buying and selling precious metals work. If you don’t, then let me break it down for you in a nutshell. The best place to buy and sell precious metals, such as palladium, is online via an online dealer. Most dealers have a website that lists every metal and every variety that they sell, as well as links to current prices and a history of the market. Your best bet is to find a dealer that has been in business for at least a few years, but I prefer those that have been in business longer.

When buying palladium, you might find a dealer that has a minimum purchase requirement, but this may not always be the case. Many coin dealers will only sell coins in packs of 10, which makes sense, but make sure you read all the fine print and details before you order. Buying palladium is just as easy as buying any other precious metal, so once you learn how to buy palladium, then you can buy gold, silver, platinum, and others in the same manner.

Right now, palladium is running at about $180 per troy ounce, which is the way that metals are measured and sold. A troy ounce is different than a regular ounce, so do some research to find the amount that is right for you. Most palladium coins come in 1 ounce and portions of ounce denominations, while bars are a bit more weighty. Overall, buying palladium coins or bars is simple once you get the hang of it.

If you are interested in purchasing precious metals as an investment, then I commend you for your choice. Precious metals are an untapped resource for many investors and therefore the markets are not overbought. You should be able to find palladium at a decent price for now, although I cannot say how long that will last. For starters, I recommend buying a pack of coins or a bar or two to see how you like the process. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, then start buying it in as large of a quantity as you can. You never know how long paper money is going to hold its value and you’ll feel much safer seeing your money buy something tangible.

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