Disadvantages of Saving in Palladium

Disadvantages of saving in Palladium
If palladium offers similar advantages than other precious metals it also brings certain disadvantages which are in common to all precious metals. Owning physical palladium requires appropriate storage which can represent additional costs or at least some time for considering how to store it appropriately. Keeping physical palladium at home has besides advantages also certain disadvantages. It might be true that you can reach it whenever you feel like it, however, you need a good safe or place to store it because it is not in your interest anyone knowing anything about amounts of palladium you own as well as about its hiding place. Having palladium like anything else of greater value at your home might result "uninvited visitors" as soon as wrong person or persons even suspect you could have anything of greater value including palladium at your home.

If keeping physical palladium at your home might endanger you and your family storing it in a deposit safe at the bank has also its disadvantages. If you do not have any kind of agreement with the bank which includes an inventory of amount of palladium you keep in deposit safe you might loose everything. Although is very unlikely your deposit safe at the bank can be robbed and you will face difficulties with proving how much palladium you really had.

Besides its storing palladium also has also other disadvantages in compare with other precious metals which are worth considering before starting saving in palladium. In contrary to gold palladium is a subject of taxation, while future trends of its prizes are much less predictable than prices of gold. Besides that is also very uncertain palladium's liquidity in eventual crisis because of its short history in the financial sector. Fall of palladium's prizes after July 2008 and stability of gold prizes at the same time do not exactly raise confidence in palladium's liquidity at eventual greater crisis.

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