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It is no secret that buying and investing in precious metals is one of the surest ways to diversify and protect your assets over the long term. With the way the stock markets have performed and with the struggling economies world wide, it is no surprise that people are constantly looking for new ways to invest. Well, when it comes to investing in precious metals, most people tend to overlook some of the best ways to make money in the market. Just as with anything else, buying the unheard of metals can be a secret ticket to success. That is why I recommend buying palladium while everyone else buys gold and silver.

The palladium market is quietly moving under the radar and is very slowly becoming a silent wealth machine. In fact, palladium at times has out valued its sister metal platinum, which should tell you something. Palladium coins are very good ways to get started in the palladium market because they are much cheaper than their counterpart, palladium bars, and can be bought in several denominations. I like palladium coins because they are not only beautiful (same color and luster as platinum), but they also hold their value well. Most coins have to be purchased in quantities of 10 or more, but you can buy them in very small sized coins. The United States Mint currently produces a small amount of palladium coins alongside the Canadian Mint, which produces the traditional maple leaf coins.

Palladium coins are more expensive than gold or silver, but they also are much less volatile. Sure, there have been slight fluctuations in the market, but overall palladium is moving up in value. Silver coins are a great value, but that market fluctuates so often that it can be tough to get out when you need to. In my opinion, platinum, gold, and palladium all make excellent investments.

If you are looking for where you can buy palladium coins, then I recommend that you visit our page on palladium dealers so you can learn how to find a dealer and how to find the right price. Palladium coins are produced in several countries worldwide, but I prefer to stick to the North American markets. However, if you are interested in them from a pure collector’s standpoint, then you will be able to find palladium coins all over the place.

I highly recommend investing in rare precious metals if you need to find ways to diversify your portfolio and make sure that your funds don’t disappear overnight in a poorly performing market. Unlike stocks, precious metals give you a physical asset that you can touch, taste, and see, which is far more valuable than a piece of paper. Currently, palladium is moving at about 180-190 USD per troy ounce, but this is as of early 2009. Your best bet before buying is to check the market to make sure you are buying at a low rather than a peak. Eventually, you’ll find yourself on the winning end regardless.

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