Palladium Investment - Saving Options

Palladium investments and saving
Palladium investment/saving options include investments and savings in physical palladium by purchase of palladium bullion bars or palladium bullion coins as well as investing in palladium mining companies. Palladium bullion bars and coins can be purchased at major banks, stores selling precious metals as well as from individuals selling palladium bullion bars or coins.

There are several sizes of palladium bars available on the market ranging from 1 to 100 ounces, while there is relatively small amount of different palladium coins. Palladium has a short history in the financial sector, while only few states have issued palladium coins of which majority are special commemorative coins. The first state which have issued palladium coins was Tonga in 1967 as commemoration of the coronation of King Tupou IV. Portugal issued palladium coins as part of series with other metals in the late 1980's, while France issued a 100 Franc palladium bullion coin in 1987. In the same year was also issued a palladium commemorative coin by the Isle of Man.

Among the best known and among the most popular is the Russian palladium coin known as the ballerina that was issued from 1989 to 1995. Beside mentioned palladium coins are very popular also a 100 yuan palladium coin featuring pandas issued by China in 1987, palladium emu's minted by Australia from 1995 to 1997, commemorative coin issued by Slovakia in 2004 and Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf minted in 2005.

Besides in physical palladium it is also possible to invest in a palladium mining company but this option does not represent an investment in palladium directly but a share of the palladium mining company, while there is also possibility to invest in palladium futures contracts.

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