Palladium Investment

Palladium investment
Palladium investment offers similar opportunities than investments in other precious metals although it is important to mention that palladium like platinum does not have such long tradition in the financial sector. Besides that palladium is also much less popular investment option in compare with gold and silver.

However, its outstanding properties which are very similar to much more expensive platinum made palladium very desirable precious metal in industry and especially for making catalytic converters. Because of its lower price and its catalytic properties many automotive industries throughout the world are replacing platinum with palladium, while the demand for palladium will probably additionally rise in the future because of the rapidly developing automotive industries in Asia. However, besides in automotive industry is expected greater demand for palladium also in electronics.

The prices of palladium are more or less stable although they greatly vary from the ratio between demand and offer. The majority of palladium world's production - about one half in produced by Russia which is followed by South Africa with about 34%, and Canada and the United States with about 11% of world's production of palladium.

The use of palladium greatly expanded in the 1970's and is expected to expand further in the future. In the last five years (from 2003 to 2008) the prices of palladium have been rising and reached its peak in March 2008. However, in July 2008 the prices of palladium began to fall and by October 2008 reached one of its lowest points in the last five years.

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