Palladium Mines

Palladium is one of the rarest metals in the world and like its sister platinum, is also very expensive and valuable as a result. Palladium is mined by mechanical and manual extraction in many places across the world, but what makes it so difficult to extract is that it is never bunched up in one place. Palladium and Platinum are also generally attached to greater amounts of other precious metals, which adds more complexity to the process. Although there are large stores of platinum across the world, getting to them can be very tough, which is why mining is still such an important profession in the world. The truth is that we need precious metals, but we don’t like to deal with the difficulties of extracting them.

There are palladium mines in several parts of North America, such as in Montana, Canada, and Mexico. However, the Stillwater Mine in Montana is one of the largest. In other parts of the world, South America and Russia dominate the palladium scene with huge deposits of the ore; in fact South America currently accounts for 60% of the world’s palladium. Palladium is often bound with other metals, such as gold, platinum, nickel, and copper and is usually the least abundant of them all. This means that a lot of bulk ore must be extracted from palladium mines in order to get a decent amount of pure palladium.

Palladium has uses in the medical field (dentistry), in art, in photography, and in electronics. It is also very useful for jewelry because it never loses its luster. Like platinum, palladium is one of the rarest of the precious metals, which explains why it is so expensive. In fact, at one point palladium prices actually outmatched platinum prices, but this only lasted for a short time. Regardless, palladium is still a very important metal for manufacturing.

Most palladium mines use a mix of mechanical and manual extraction. They use a combination of cut and fill extraction as well as some slushier extraction for steep slopes where machines cannot reach. The process of mining palladium is certainly not an easy one and the images you might conjure of men sweating deep underground while they hunt for ore are fairly accurate. However, once it is mined, there is still a long way to go to produce the pure form needed to create jewelry and other products with. Palladium refining is just as important as the actual extraction because of this.

Palladium is certainly a precious metal that is a great investment and great for manufacturing, but most people don’t consider the difficulties in obtaining it when complaining about the price. Anything that is rare and that is difficult to obtain will obviously be expensive, and this is definitely true of palladium. One of the ways that mines cut costs is by selling the rest of the ore that they obtain as a result of platinum extraction, such as copper and nickel. Otherwise, it might not be such a lucrative business.

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