Palladium Refining

Palladium, like all other precious metals, is generally not extracted on its own and in order to separate it into pure palladium bullion it has to go through a detailed refining process. Palladium refining is actually very similar to platinum refining because both metals are found bonded to others and are widely dispersed in the crust of the Earth. However, this doesn’t mean it is impossible for do it yourself refiners, but it does mean you will need some equipment to get started. Even if you aren’t interesting in refining palladium yourself, this guide might help you learn a little bit more about how it works and why metals are so expensive when they finally make it to the market.

The traditional process of refining most precious metals involves a solution called “Aqua Regia,” which is basically a mixture of hydrochloric acid (HCL) and nitric acid. The mixture of acids melts down palladium (along with platinum and gold) into a more workable mixture with which you can add a precipitate to draw out the metal you desire. The only problem is that many times, you will have a mix of acids that will melt and bond together, meaning that you might have to repeat the process more than once. This can be a very time consuming and labor intensive aspect of palladium refining.

Once you have the melted down mixture, you use solvent extraction to remove gold from the solution and then use a base, such as ammonium chloride (NaCl) to neutralize and treat the mixture. Each precious metal has a certain precipitate that is used to draw it out on its own, and in palladium’s case it is called ammonium chloroplatinate. After this, another bath of Aqua Regia is used to finalize the mixture and create pure palladium. Eventually the powder is converted to pure palladium bullion and you can then sell that to a palladium dealer.

As you can see, this is certainly no easy process and the fact that palladium resides with many other metals, often of a similar quality, makes it a very complicated process for novices to learn. This is why there are many companies that make a business out of refining scrap palladium for you so that you don’t have to worry about losing your scrap metal during the process. One of the cheapest ways to make money selling palladium is to do it yourself, but unless you have done other metal refining then I highly recommend learning from someone directly.

Palladium is certainly worth buying and selling and as its price fluctuates you should be able to position yourself in a manner that helps you capitalize off of the market. However, I also recommend buying palladium coins and bars for long term investment too. If you diversify your portfolio with a group of precious metal coins and bars, then you certainly have much less to worry about then by buying stocks and bonds. I don’t know about you, but I prefer metal to paper any day of the week!

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