Palladium Uses

Palladium uses
For its outstanding properties palladium has many uses today. About half of world's production of palladium is being used in automotive industry for making catalytic converters. Palladium's outstanding catalytic properties, resistance to oxidation and to high temperatures makes it perfect material for autocatalysts. Palladium can absorb up to 90% of harmful emissions from auto exhaust and convert them into less harmful emissions. Besides that palladium tolerates higher temperatures than platinum which is also used as a catalytic converter, however, platinum is much more expensive and for that reason is being widely replaced with palladium.

Besides in automotive industry palladium is also desired in electronics because of its electric stability, electric conductivity and corrosion resistance. Alloyed with gold, silver and cooper, palladium is also used in dentistry for dental crowns and bridges, while its radioactive isotope is also being used in medicine for treatment of certain types of cancer.

Palladium can absorb up to 900 times of its own volume of hydrogen what makes it very useful for hydrogen purification, while its ductility, malleability and tarnish resistance make it also very popular for making jewelry. Palladium in making jewelry is most often used as an alloy with platinum and as an alloy for making white gold.

Besides its wide uses in variety of sectors and industries palladium can be also used as an investment option. Palladium is a precious metal available in a form of a palladium bullion bars or coins which are about 20 to 30 times more expensive than silver and about 2:1 in compare to gold although palladium's prices greatly vary.

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