Disadvantages of Saving in Platinum

Saving in Platinum Disadvantages
Besides its advantages saving in platinum also has also its disadvantages which should be considered before starting saving in platinum. One of the greatest disadvantages of saving in platinum is probably its physical storing. Although platinum has high prices and consequently does not require so much space than storing for example silver, however, the value of few ounces of platinum is very high and for that reason your platinum has to be stored in a safe place either at your home or in a safe deposit at a bank.

Besides providing a safe place anyone who owns only few ounces of platinum must keep it a secret especially those who keep platinum at home. Besides your closest family members no one must not know or even suspect you could possibly own even one ounce of platinum otherwise you are exposing yourself and your family to at least a robbery.

However, providing a safe storing place and not saying anything about it even to your closest friends is common disadvantage to all precious metals and platinum is no exception. However, in compare to silver and gold which have already proved their value in crises no one knows how desirable platinum will be in eventual financial collapse or in case of a war. Today platinum might be more valuable than gold and considered the most prestigious of all precious metals, however, there is no guarantee that that will be the case also in eventual crisis. However, even if platinum will retain its value in a crisis or state of war you will probably face difficulties with exchanging platinum for certain goods by getting much less than you normally would.

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