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Did you know that platinum is more than 30 times more rare than gold is and is actually worth over $845 an ounce? In fact, in early 2008, platinum was actually worth well over two thousand dollars per ounce! Although it has dropped significantly in value, the fact that it was worth so much at one time means that it is sure to rise in value again. What this means is that right now you have the chance to invest in platinum at the cheapest price it might see for years!

Now many people don’t have money to spend on a single platinum bar, let alone several, which means that you can turn to the next cheapest option, which are platinum coins. Like gold and silver coins, platinum coins are a great way to start investing in precious metals without having to spend a lot of money up front. There are several types of platinum coins from a variety of countries and you can purchase any kind that you like. The US Mint actually produces platinum coins in several values, such as the Platinum American Eagle coins, which have a face value of $100. There are other coins as well, such as the half ounce ($25), the quarter ounce ($10), and the tenth ounce American Eagle Coin ($10). The full 1 ounce coin has the highest face value of any coin ever produced by the US Mint.

The Canadian Mint also produces maple leaf coins in platinum, gold, silver, and other precious metals. Their platinum coins only come in one variety and are worth $50 each. Now that you know how much these coins are worth, I am sure you can imagine how much a single platinum bar is worth! For most people, platinum coins are a relatively inexpensive way to start investing in platinum without spending tens of thousands of dollars. You can buy several coins in any denomination and hold on to them and as they increase in value you can either buy more or trade them in for platinum bars.

The best strategy is to buy a mix of gold coins, silver coins, and platinum coins, which will provide you with a diversified portfolio of precious metals that will shield itself if any one goes down in value. However, just imagine if they all increase in value over 10-50 years. A single investment of $1000 in platinum could be worth 10x that much down the road.

Investing in platinum, while it is still young as an investment strategy, could pay dividends far down the road when it comes time to retire or sell your assets and investments. You should definitely consider an investment in platinum coins if you already have other precious metal investments or want to take advantage of the coming platinum explosion. Just imagine catching the next wave of platinum growth and riding a few hundred or thousand dollar investment in platinum coins to the top of the market. You’ll have all your friends and partners begging you for investment advice.

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