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Although investing in platinum, which is an extremely rare precious metal even when compared to gold, you have to be careful where you buy it from. There are many shady platinum dealers on the internet that will try to sell you platinum at bad prices or using other shady tactics, but if you are careful in selecting the right platinum dealers, then you shouldn’t have a problem. Although platinum investments have a short history, it is likely that platinum prices will continue to increase over the long-term, even though they currently are very volatile.

The best way to find a platinum dealer is by doing your research on investment websites, magazines, and on the internet. Many prominent investing magazines and websites will have features where they talk about how to buy precious metals and how to find a reputable dealer. Most of the time, the advice is that you should find dealers that have been in business for long periods of time and that sell other forms of precious metals too. Thanks to the fact that platinum is so rare, it would be tough to operate a business solely on platinum sales, unless you are a production or mining company that uses platinum for other purposes. Most dealers that sell platinum will have been selling it for a while now, and probably will have been selling gold and silver for upwards of 25-50 years.

Another thing to look out for when shopping for platinum dealers is that you are buying actual platinum bars and coins rather than platinum certificates. Although you could buy platinum commodity stocks, you should try to physically own the product itself if you are able. I much prefer having the platinum bars in my safe than having a piece of paper that tells me how many I own. This might be a difficult way to do business, but I feel that it is safer and when you are dealing with a product as expensive as platinum, then safe should be a way of practice.

Buying platinum stocks is not a terrible idea either, but the market has been very volatile and you are better off buying platinum bars from a dealer, at least in my opinion. You can look online for the best prices from a variety of platinum dealers and then choose the one that you feel is most trustworthy and has the best price. As long as you’ve done your due diligence and researched that particular company in detail, then you should not be afraid to do business with them.

Once the platinum arrives in the mail from the platinum dealer, then make sure you secure it in a safe or bank deposit box as soon as possible. Platinum is worth over $800 per ounce at the moment and has even been worth 2-3 times that in the past 12 months. I really enjoy the process of buying and selling precious metals from online dealers, but since there are risks involved I cannot stress enough the importance of doing your research by reading sites like this one and then securing your investment properly. Happy investing!

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