Platinum Investing

In contrary to gold and silver which have a long investing tradition since the ancient times platinum investing is relatively new - from the second half of the 20th century. However, today platinum is highly valued precious metal, considered more prestigious than gold and is normally also at least twice the price of gold. Besides that investing in platinum offers similar advantages as well as disadvantages than investing in any kind of precious metals.

The greatest producer of platinum is South Africa which produced about 78% of world's platinum production in 2006, while the second largest producer is Russia with about 13% of world's production. In compare to other rare precious metal platinum is even rarer what plays a major role at its price. Besides that the demand surpasses the offer since the 1990's and continues to rise although the trend turned backwards in 2006 when the offer was greater than the demand.

Because of its high prices and perhaps due its short history in the financial sector the investments in platinum are much rarer in compare to investments in gold and silver. However, platinum as an investment should be as safe as investment in any other precious metal although prices of platinum greatly depend from demand and offer on the market. After the sudden rise in March 2008 followed fall of platinum prices, while the ratio between the price of 1 ounce of gold and 1 ounce of platinum has been almost equalized in October 2008. Thus considering the normal ratio of prices between 1 ounce of platinum and 1 ounce of gold which is at least 1:2 platinum as an investment at this moment might turn out profitable later.

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