Platinum Investment - Saving Options

Platinum Investment and Saving Options
As well as in case of other precious metals the most known and popular platinum investment/saving option is purchase of platinum bullion bars and platinum bullion coins. Both platinum bullion bars and coins can be purchased at certain banks, store selling and purchasing precious metals or from individuals who are selling platinum for any kind of reason. However, in purchasing platinum bullion bars or coins from unknown individuals you should be careful not to overpay its actual value and from eventual fraud, while you also should give minimal personal informations about yourself. Besides that everyone who is investing or saving in platinum should also avoid its purchase at the same place or from the same individuals otherwise the circle of people knowing they are owning platinum dangerously expands.

Platinum bullion bars are purchased in different sizes from 1 gram to 500 grams and are usually 999,5/1000 fineness. In contrary to more malleable and ductile gold and silver platinum is much more difficult to work and for that reason there is much less of platinum bullion coins available at the market: American Platinum Eagle, Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf, Australian Platinum Koala, two platinum coins issued by the Soviet Union and Chinese Platinum Pandas containing one ounce of platinum.

Besides investing or saving in physical platinum is also possible to purchase platinum certificates or invest into a platinum mining companies, however, in later case you do not invest in platinum directly but in a company what requires certain knowledge of equity market.

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