Platinum Refining

Have you ever wondered if you could collect your own batch of old jewelry or metal scrap and find a way to melt it down, refine it, and then turn it into some form of investment? Well the truth is that you can do it with nearly any precious metal, however the process differs depending on the metal involved and the amount that you have. If you’ve got scrap metal that is mostly pure, then the process will be easier than if you have a bunch of jewelry made of different materials. Although refining gold and silver are very similar processes, in this guide we are going to talk about platinum refining and teach you the basics of how you can find platinum to refine and then turn it into platinum bullion for sale or investment.

The basic process for refining any precious metal is to melt it down with a torch, then use an acid bath to separate it from the other metals. At that point you add another type of substance to re-create a solid and then you will have your pure bullion. The process with platinum is no different, however there are places where you can find platinum, such as on computer boards and catalytic converters, that can complicate the process.

Many online platinum refining companies only refine scrap platinum from jewelry, which is probably the only route you should consider as well. It is simply too risky to use the platinum in catalytic converters and computer circuits unless you really know what you are doing and the amounts involved are so small that it is hardly worth the effort.

To refine platinum from jewelry, simply melt it down with a torch and then use aqua regia (an acid bath used for gold) to melt down the platinum to a point where you can separate it from other contaminants. You then use ammonium chloride to neutralize the acid and use a powder designed to solidify the platinum mud. Once you’ve done this, you will dissolve it again in aqua regia, follow up with the ammonium chloride, and then use a special precipitate to create your final form of platinum bullion.

As you can see, the process involved in platinum refining is not for the faint of heart, and many people simply opt to send it off and pay to have it refined. This is probably a better option for you, unless you are very familiar and comfortable working with strong acids and have the materials available to do so. Otherwise, simply learning about the process will help you understand why platinum is so expensive and difficult to obtain.

Platinum is worth a lot of money, in any form you can find it. So if you have a lot of platinum scrap or jewelry, then you might consider melting it down and creating your own bullion. Otherwise, consider selling the scrap on its own so you don’t have to worry about the risks or extensive amount of time involved in refining platinum at home.

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