Advantages of Silver Investment

Silver Investment
When comparing silver to other investments, silver investment has certain advantages which are worth of considering before making final decision of your future investment.

One of the greatest advantages of silver investment is definitely greater security of your investment in compare to variety of investment funds or stock investments which can result great profit but eventually also great loss. Firms and corporations which today perhaps seem strong, powerful and reliable may collapse tomorrow, in the next year or in the next century, while investing in silver represent much lower risks.

You might not become rich with silver investment, however, you will not bankrupt either. Although who bought greater amount of silver in 2001 and sold it five years later had a great profit. All experts agree that silver is highly underestimated what makes it a perfect investment if you are following the investment theory which promises profit for investments in underestimated sectors. Current ratio between silver and gold is over 60:1, while usual ratio in history was about 15:1. Besides that gold already achieved its highest price in history, while silver until now did not get higher than 25$ for one ounce what is about only 40% of its nominal historical value. If we also consider the growing demand for silver in industry which is far the greatest consumer of silver, silver investment should have a bright future.

Just for information Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, invested in silver mining company The Pan American Silver Corporation in 1999. If we remember how Bill Gates made his fortune it is hard to believe that is does not know what he is doing.

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