Disadvantages of Saving in Silver

Silver Disadvantages
The greatest disadvantage of saving in silver is the same as in the silver investment: its storing. After few years of saving in silver you might have serious difficulties with its storing, especially if you keep it in your home. It might be convenient to be able to see and get it when ever you feel like it, however, keeping silver at home requires a great amount of space as well as good organization.

Besides storing silver might occur difficulties also at its transfer. It is no problem to put the money or few ounces of gold in a briefcase, while walking around with greater amount of silver bullion bars will not go unnoticed. Thus one of its advantages can quickly become a great disadvantage. Besides that you will probably not get a fair trade in an eventual crisis especially if you will be exchanging a silver bullion bar for some food, while getting around with greater amount of silver in case of a war is practically unimaginable. To avoid such situations experts suggest saving in silver coins instead of bars although greater amount of silver coins would still represent a problem to transfer at once.

Great disadvantage of saving in silver in compare with saving in gold is the taxation of silver you pay at its purchase. The taxation is about 20% of its price or few percent up or down, depending from country to country.

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