Disadvantages of Silver Investment

Silver Investment Disadvantages
Like any other investment, silver investment also has its disadvantages. One of the most frequent mentioned disadvantages is storing of greater amounts of silver. You must realize that for will need about sixty times bigger safe for storing silver of the same nominal value of gold what can after certain period cause serious difficulties. For that reason silver is a lot less popular investment option than other more expensive precious metals.

The second thing which perhaps discourage many people from investing in silver is the fact that for its rarity and wide use in industry silver is a subject of taxation which is about 20% varying few percents up or down from country to country. In contrary to silver, gold is not a subject of taxation what makes it currently a lot more attractive precious metal for investment.

One of the disadvantages of silver investment is also necessity of patience. Silver investment might bring a profit after a while, however, it surely does not provide any greater profit in short-term. Besides that it might not even result any greater profit but only save your capital from inflation.

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