Silver Bars

As far as investment vehicles go, precious metals are a great way to get started. Many people talk a lot about using gold bars and gold bullion as investment tools for wealth and asset preservation, but you rarely hear anyone talk about investing in silver bars. Just like gold, silver is a precious and rare commodity that is limited and holds its value well. For over four thousand years silver was and still is used as a form of money and coinage, but why has it not been included in all the same conversations that gold has been?

Well part of the reason that silver has not been included in the conversation is because the market has been quite volatile over the past twenty to thirty years. Silver, like gold, is valued by the troy ounce and although it isn’t quite as sought after as gold it is still very valuable. However, there were times during the 80’s and 90’s where the value of silver fluctuated so much that it gained and lost over 100% of its value! Maybe it scared investors away, but most likely people probably just weren’t paying attention until the silver/gold ratio was established, which enforced a price at which a certain amount of gold was worth a certain amount in silver bars.

Over the past several years, the price of silver bars has steadily increased, just as gold has. From the year 2001, the price of silver has risen over $11 per ounce, from approximately $4 to $15. This means that if you had several hundred or thousand ounces during that time, then you would have made over 300% in profits! Now, it would seem obvious to me that the time for investing in silver bars could not be any better. As the world economy continues to struggle and inflation is constantly on the rise, one could surmise that the price of silver is only going to increase over the long haul. This means that if you start buying silver bars today, you are more than likely doing to watch your investment increase in value while your friend’s stock portfolio bounces up and down.

Silver bars are typically sold in 10 ounce bars, one kg bars, 1,000 oz bars, and 10,000 oz bars, meaning that even with just a little bit of money you can start investing in silver bars. You can also buy silver coins in much smaller denominations. The best place to keep up with the price of silver is on the internet, where you can always find the latest values and plenty of online silver dealers to sell silver bars to you. Now is the time to start investing heavily in gold and silver bars, so do your research and get started investing now. There is no reason to risk your wealth on paper assets that could dissolve into thin air over the course of a year. With silver bars, you can actually pick up and hold your investment, making it one of the most valuable types of investments you can own.

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