Silver Coins

As far back as 612 BC, Persians were using silver coins as a method of money and coinage for buying and purchasing goods. For over 300 years, their society continued the use of silver in this manner along with many other thriving ancient civilizations. In the 1700’s, the British also used silver coins for monetary purposes. In fact, silver has been used for coinage longer than any other precious metal currency. Today, although silver has been replaced by cheaper metals, silver is still value as an investment similar to gold and silver coins are one way in which a person can begin investing in precious metals.

Silver is slightly more durable than gold, but it is still malleable enough to be turned into a variety of coins and other collector’s items and investments. Silver is highly polished and has long been sought after for its appealing qualities. Although silver is not as rare or as prized as gold, it is still highly valued as an investment asset primarily because it is associated with wealth and has many uses. Thanks to the fact that silver is a rare and limited commodity, it will continue to hold its value over time even as inflation wreaks havoc on the modern currencies of many countries.

Although silver coins are one of the cheapest and most practical forms of initial investments in precious metals, other forms of silver are also worth good money, such as silverware and jewelry. Silver, like gold, is valued by the troy ounce and can be sold in bars or coins. You can buy silver coins online for very good prices and I highly recommend that you visit several websites to make sure that you are getting the best price possible when purchasing silver coins.

Silver currently is valued at approximately $15 per ounce, which was the yearly average near the end of 2008. Since 1990, silver coins have steadily increased in value over $11 per ounce, making silver a consistently strong performer. Silver coins are sold in 1 oz values and are made in several countries across the world. Canada has a very high silver coin production rate and makes silver maple leaf coins that are very popular. The United States also makes silver coins for collectors or investment. Although silver bars are easier to store, collecting silver coins is a cheap and easy way to get started.

Investing in precious metals is a great way to ensure that your assets will increase in value over time, rather than disappear overnight thanks to a lousy stock market. The best part about investing in precious metals is that even if the dollar becomes worthless, your precious metal holdings will always have value, in fact will probably have more value than paper money at that point. Rare commodities are a great way to keep your money safe over time and when you need the money for retirement or spending you can simply sell your silver coins to a silver dealer and spend the money how you choose.

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