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Best known and popular options of both silver investment and saving are silver bullion bars and silver bullion coins. Both silver bullion bars and coins can be bought or sold at major banks or specialized stores which sell and purchase precious metals. Silver can be also bought from individuals, however, you must be careful on eventual frauds and that you do not pay more than purchasing the same bullion bar or coin at the bank.

Silver bullion bars can be bought in various sizes:

- 1000 ounce troy bars, weighting about 68 pounds avoirdupois (31 kilograms)
- 100 ounce bars, weighting 6,8 pounds (3,11 kilograms)
- odd weight retain bars
- 1 kilogram bars (32,15 ounces)
- 10 ounces bars
- and 1 ounce bars (31,1 grams)

Silver bullion coins are also very popular form of silver investment/saving. As well as silver bullion bars, silver bullion coins are also in various sizes: half ounce, one ounce, two ounces, ten ounces and 1 kilogram. Silver bullion coins are issued by many countries yearly, while some countries issue occasional silver bullion coins, however, those are usually more expensive.

Besides investing or saving in physical silver it is also possible to purchase silver certificates which guarantee the ownership of silver which is not in physical possession of its owner. Similar to silver certificates is also having a silver account which enables buying and selling silver. However, the owner of a silver account also does not have physical silver in his/hers possession but has a claim against the bank for certain amount of silver.

One of the options is also investing in silver mining companies, however, it does not represent an investment in silver but a share in company that mines silver what requires a certain knowledge of equity market.

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