Silver Investment

Silver Investing
Silver offers a great investment option, especially for all who believe that investment funds, banks or keeping cash under the pillow is an option. Silver has been and still is highly prized precious metal although it is important to mention that it is highly underestimated in compare to gold. However, increasing demands for silver in industry and considering that the stacks of silver since 1991 decreased for 95%, and that 90% of used silver is not economically to recycle, silver's prices will probably significantly arise over the next few years. Some experts even foretell that if the current trend will continue stacks of silver will run out in a decade or two.

Silver prices from 2001-2008 arose over 300%, while the majority of silver today is produced as a byproduct of copper, zinc and lead. The greatest producers of silver today are Mexico, Peru and Chile, while only 20-30% silver is mined as a pure free metal. Besides that every delay or interruption of production disturb the ratio between demand and offer what results sudden rises and falls of silver prices on the global market.

How underestimated is silver in compare with gold also clearly indicates its historical and present ratio. If the ratio in the past was about 15:1, while today it is over 60:1. For that reason, off course if we follow the advice of investment experts who say "buy when the price is low" silver appears a good investment for our future. However, it is important to mention that speculations can end just as badly like the speculations with stocks.

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