Silver Uses

Silver Uses
In ancient and medieval times silver was most frequently used for currency coins, however, next to gold, silver was the most popular material for making jewelry and variety of ornaments. Besides for jewelry, silver was also used for making tableware and utensils (silverware) because it is stable in the air and water, and has also antimicrobial properties.

Silver is also known for having the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals as well as the highest optical reflectivity. For that reason silver is also used in electrical, electrotechnical and optical industries. Although silver has the highest electrical conductivity the electrical industry prefers copper because of silver's high prices and tarnish ability, however, it is very desired by electronic industry, especially by computer industry. For its high optical reflectivity silver in ancient times was also used for mirrors, while silver halides which are extremely photosensitive form a basis of modern photography.

Alloyed with cooper, zinc, nickel, indium, etc. silver is used in brazing as well as for making electrical contacts and conductors, while alloyed with mercury and tin silver is also being used in dentistry for making amalgams (dental fillings).

Since the ancient times silver has also being used in medicine for its antimicrobial properties. Today it is known that silver contains properties which are very successful against variety of bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi without being toxic to people.

Besides its wide uses in industry silver is also popular investment and saving option because its possession provides concrete security in compare with "paper" investments and savings.

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